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Fairy Lights


Did you know lights change the darkness into a place of hope, interest and joy. We are called to shine our light....where do you need to shine yours?

Being Taught


Sometimes God teaches us to paint, sometimes He teaches us to wait, sometimes He teaches us grace. But He always is teaching us to trust.

Obeying His Voice


To obey is better than sacrifice! 1 Sam 15:22
Today if you hear His voice do not harden your hearts! Heb 3:7
My mission team recently went to Tanna without me! Not because I was too sick! Not because I didn't want to! Simply because God told me not to go! Why? To lean not my understanding but His.

Read on to find out what happened!  

Timely Promises


Are you waiting for God to deliver on His promises? Are you tired of waiting on Him? Maybe we need to look at His promises from a new perspective.



What sort of harvest have you had lately? Rich and fruitful? Or filled with losses? Be assured God is with us in every season.

Stay Connected

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